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Fabric-Covered Headboards

Elegant, dramatic, fun, and ultimately changeable, slip-covered headboards are very popular for good reason. Changing the look of a bedroom is simple and relatively inexpensive. For those reasons, and because they can be washed or dry cleaned, they are also perfect for vacation rental houses. Here are some examples of using headboards to create interesting bedrooms.


Although it seems counter-intuitive, white is a good choice, since it can be bleached when washed and works with any color.


If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view from the bedroom, emphasize the landscape by using subtle colors that compliment the view.


This white headboard is especially effective against a contrasting wall, whether painted in bright or subtle colors. The light grey here is very soothing.



The repeating toile pattern makes the bed the feature of a small room. With all this pattern, the rest of the room needs to be quiet in tone.


The fabric on this tufted headboard is not removable, so it should be scrubbable. Here, the contrasting buttons pull the room's color scheme together.

Without a footboard, repeating the neutral headboard fabric on the duvet cover pulls the bed together. Contrasting white linens keep the look crisp.


A black slip-covered headboard is a focal point and needs to be balanced by repeating the black in the furniture, accessories and art.


The black fabric headboard is the focal point of the room's symmetrical arrangement. The careful placement of tan, white, and black gives the small space drama.        

Headboards do not have to be a focal point. This one adds textural interest to a room of neutral tones and pastel accents.



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