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White Linens: Clean, Crisp & Practical

Using white linens in your rental house might seem counter-intuitive when you want a warm, attractive home, but in fact, they add both elegance and practicality. White linens can be easily washed, and more importantly, bleached in case of stains. They can be accented with patterned or textured throws. And, most importantly, they convey a feeling to your guests of a clean and fresh bedroom. Here are some examples of how to make these bed linens work for you.


Banded hotel linens have a high thread count and look upscale.

Patterned shams and pillows accent a white duvet.

Throw blankets add texture and an accent color.


Gray walls dramatically offset white duvets.

A monochromatic duvet pairs nicely with an accent throw.

Crisp white looks elegant with traditional or modern furniture. 


A patterned throw accents the white palette.

Images of birds are popular, cheery, and balance the palette.

Pillow monograms add personality to the bedroom.