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Do's and Don'ts: Bedrooms



Don't make the window blinds the darkest part of the room (aside from the linens), because they shift the focus to the wall.

Photo Tip

The curtains and the television in the photo on the left make the "Don't" room seem smaller. To improve the photo, take the shot from a better angle and eliminate the ceiling fan.


Do maximize the window and balance the wall with art. The empty floor space makes the room bigger.


Don't distract the viewer with fussy curtains and open doors.

Take the photo to show the bed, not the open door and ceiling fan. Try to make the bedroom look uncluttered.

Using paint color and one pattern for the linens keeps the focus on the bed.


Don't overdo dark accents, especially at the window.

Don't include the television in the photo -- it is distracting for the viewer.

Do balance dark beds with light colors and white drapery.


Don't obscure a small window with curtains-- it makes the window seem smaller.

Shots of bedrooms are usually better when cropped tightly and are without the ceiling fan showing.

Do balance the light and dark colors in the room, and keep the image focused on the beds.


Don't visually clutter the room with too many items, thereby eliminating the focus.

The "Don't" photo would be improved if the blinds were left open and the desk was omitted. The "Do" photo would be better without the ceiling fan--  it would simplify the photo and make it more pleasing to the eye.

Do brighten the room by using paint that compliments the pattern on the linens.



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